WHEN to engage us

    Having financial, operational, or administrative problems?  Do you have a solution ready to be implemented?  Need help preventing problems from becoming a crisis?

Crisis looming?

Are strategic, financial, operational, or administrative problems on the horizon? We're pretty good at solving problems before they reach the crisis stage. Just don't wait until it's too late.
 How many times have you wished for a clone?   Have you ever put your staff leaders in that role?  How often have you been disappointed?   Ready for it to work?

Need another you?

How many times have you wished for another you that could be engaged without steep learning curves and disappointment? Although not you, we leverage our depth and experience to come close.
 Is your organization growing, declining, or ready to go to the next level?  Do you have the necessary talent?  Are you prepared to deal with the change?

life cycle changing?

Growing, declining, or ready to go to the next level but don't have the necessary experience available? It's a pretty good bet that one of our CxOs have been there and knows how to proceed.
 Feeling maxed out in both capability and time?   Is your organization performance floundering because of it?  

Bandwidth overextended?

Maxed out in both capability and time? Most leaders feel the stress of having to work both "in it" and "on it." Trying to do both usually fails. Let's fill the gap and give you some breathing room.
 Do you have a trusted adviser that can help you through daily leadership challenges?   Has that individual walked in your shoes before?   Need a confidant that can be trusted for sound advice?

lonely at the top?

Need a confidant who has walked in your shoes to strategize or help solve problems with? We thrive on helping other leaders through daily trials and tribulations of being at the top.

need time off?

Life happens, and sometimes an extended break to recharge your batteries or attend to personal needs is necessary but someone needs to lead the organization! We'll maintain momentum and move needle focused.

Transition Imminent?

Avoiding taking the dreaded task of replacing a leader for fear of the unknown or inconvenience? We'll step in and keep things running, allowing for the time to find the right fit.
 Need an interim CEO or CxO?   Have you positioned this event as an opportunity to enhance?  Do you need time to find that perfect person?   Need help figuring it out?

Have a Vacancy?

For whatever reason, you need a CEO or CxO and don't have a qualified successor identified. Searches take 6 month. What skills are needed? Who will lead on an interim basis? We will step in and create a springboard for a new leader.