Robert Gregoire

"Bob has spent the past 27 years leading and executing change."

Having held executive leadership positions in the for-profit and social sectors, he has been involved in the formation of multiple purpose-driven companies and has interacted with more than 100 organizations.

In 1995, Bob founded a national outsourcing firm that he later sold to CH2MHill, a global engineering firm. As CEO of that entity, he focused on the delivery of innovative outsourcing strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and led the company to a dominant industry position.

As Founder and CEO of CxORE, a Fractional Leadership firm, Bob focuses on the diverse leadership needs of a growing client base that spans the for-profit and social sectors. Through the application of best practices gleaned from his robust leadership and interim CEO experience, he addresses the challenges inherent to small- and mid-sized organizations.

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M.A. Business Administration UC Davis Graduate School of Management


He is an member of the Rotary Club of Davis, and

He is an active member of the

GATEways Planning Council, an external advisory board for


The Rotary Club of Davis, and

GATEways Planning Council

an external advisory board for