Bob Gregoire, CxORE

As founder, I have a little different perspective.  I wanted to co-create and share an environment that would allow for independent professionals to grow and thrive.  As a practicing independent professional, I have faced the same challenges our members face… needing to focus on business activities (which I really disliked) rather than purpose.  CxORE’s Integrated Business Platform has solved this issue for its members by giving them back the time to focus on purpose. 

- Bob Gregoire, Stakeholder

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Ken Crittendon, CxORE

It’s exciting to think about how much pent up talent is out there.  Independent professionals that could be so much more productive and experts that are reluctant to step out because they don’t want to run their own business.

- Ken Crittendon, CxORE

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Mary Sue Ingraham

As a consultant, I want to focus on what I do best and to stay in the lane of my own expertise. CxORE gives me the opportunity to spend my time delivering services to my clients and focusing on continued growth in my professional skills.

- Mary Sue Ingraham, Strengths Ignition LLC

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John Walter, New Energy Assets

CxORE takes-on the burdensome, nagging, must-do stuff that adds no value to the customers of members.  Hence, members can do what excites them: providing professional services to THEIR customers.  CxORE may well extend the contributing age of valuable individuals by decades.

- John Walter, New Energy Assets

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Lara Westergaard, CxORE

As a team member at CxORE, I am energized and proud of what CxORE is offering to all those out there struggling to manage their business on their own!  Throughout my career, I have always looked for ways of making things run simpler, smoother and more efficiently for those around me…  CxORE does this for the masses! 

- Lara Westergaard, CxORE

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Glenn Dirks, Dirks Consulting

I’m a member because of the professionalism, passion and business acumen exhibited by the CxORE staff and management team in providing a unique, innovative solution to solving a  members’ business operational challenges.

- Glenn Dirks, Dirks Consulting

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Jim Corbett, Bay Equities LLC

There are so many with so much to give, but are often stymied by the complexities of starting a business.  CxORE helps people take that first step into self actualizing one of their dreams.  The platform will provide the freedom to move forward confidently for many.  It’s simply exciting to help others into a phase of their lives of freedom and independence. 

- Jim Corbett, Stakeholder

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1Brianne Leymaster
Mandy Black, CxORE

I am involved in CxORE because I believe in the mission of this company, professionals helping other professionals thrive through use of technology and knowledge. I am also involved because I believe that there is a huge need in the market for this type of platform right now and it will benefit so many independent professionals. 

- Mandy Black, CxORE

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