the WAY we work

Engagement Levels

CxORE's CEOs and senior leaders commit to sharing both expertise and experience with leaders and organizations by combining three distinct elements:

CxO Deployment

We’ve found that most client engagements require someone with the bandwidth to touch various c-level functions which is usually precipitated by the delta between the perceived challenge versus actual challenge.

This versatility can only be provided through those with that range of experience, CEOs.

Fractional Time Commitment

We counteract expensive long-term engagements through fractional time commitments. This allows you to buy only the amount of the resource needed for a specific duration.

Engagements can range from ½ day a week to 5 days per week for a three month minimum with 6-12 months being the typical maximum.

CxAdvisor Support

Each deployed CxO is supported internally by a CxAdvisor (CxA). This individual is charged with being a sounding board and back-up to the deployed CxO.

Every CxA holds the same qualifications as a CxO and is paired-up based upon either complimentary skills or industry experience.