CxO Leadership Community

This is where CxORE stands out from all other business services providers. CxORE’s CxO Leadership Community is comprised of Executive level professionals who have traveled down many of the paths you are currently on. This group of individuals sincerely wants other Independents, Small Businesses and Nonprofits to succeed. Their work for CxORE is Pro Bono and reinforces our philosophy of giving back. CxORE Members are allotted two 30-minute CxO sessions a month in order to access a CxORE CxO for advice, guidance, support, or encouragement. If your business requires more than the two 30-minute allotted CxO sessions, please talk to us about our Fractional Leadership option.

Robert Gregoire

Kathleen Socolofsky

John Walter

Niki Peterson

Seung Bach

Darlamae Shannon

Tracey Schaal

Jim Corbett

Kim Cotter Fuchs

John Cronley

Mary Sue Ingraham

Glenn Dirks

Darrell Teat

Sharon Pannell

Ken Crittendon

Joy Hermsen

Justin Smith