Independents, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits often lack expertise and spend too much time dealing with back-office needs, impeding their ability to focus on their purpose and growth.



Through Membership in CxORE, Independents, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits receive structure, software, support and services that give them greater capacity to create and have impact. As a Member, you will have an Integrated Business Platform that uses industry-leading solutions, as well as a Member Support Representative, to help you succeed.


The pain of having to form a new entity has been eliminated by CxORE through Member specific Structures  


Curated cloud Software was selected for functionality, interconnectivity and with the user experience in mind


Support functions are delivered through an assigned CxORE Member Support Representative who is the Member’s go-to person

Third-party Services were compiled for convenience, added protection, and to reduce risk and worry


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