CxA, Leadership Council Member

John Walter

Over a successful career in several industries, John has built a reputation for intuitive and adept problem-solving based on solid but right-sized analysis and a talent for generating innovative ideas for those he serves. Driven by his focus on stable performance and ability to relate to managers at every level, John guides clients through identifying critical leverage points to achieve value-added results. His broad experience helps him investigate and promptly diagnose problems, and define solutions – even with limited information.

His early career began in developing domestic and international oil fields with Chevron. He followed that experience with several consulting roles, culminating with assessing the value of technology developed by a national laboratory. His interest in valuing product and market potential led him to help build an international market research firm that provided strategic marketing support to organizations in medical imaging and information systems. His leadership and coaching skills were further honed when he joined a national executive search firm, where he identified and recruited talented leaders to address defined challenges at academic and mission-driven non-profit organizations.

John is currently a partner at New Energy Assets, LLC, which develops solar energy opportunities in commercial, agricultural and residential spheres. John has been credited with developing and executing successful operational strategies leading to increasing product line profitability, customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

Over his career, he has founded, invested and advised dozens of companies in a wide range of industries. John has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Petroleum Engineering along with the terminal Degree of Engineer from Stanford University and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of California, Davis. He has served on the board of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy and recently completed a two-year role as president.

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