CxO, CxA, Leadership Council Member

Ken Crittendon

During his entire career, Ken has been driven by producing the maximum results for his clients and for the companies where he gained his experience and expertise. For more than 20 years, he has led positive change for teams and organizations helping guide them through challenging crises and highly promising opportunities. He developed his leadership and coaching skills in the Silicon Valley, where he played an active role commercializing the Internet and clean technology.

With confidence and ability to relate to a wide range of clients, Ken has been a sought-after executive and for the past few years has coached many CEOs through the challenges of successfully building their organizations. Examples of his skillfully delivered interventions are advising a seasoned CEO through a business-threatening move that resulted in a $1M strategic investment, and mentoring a first-time CEO through a company repositioning and its successful launch of a product into the mobile market.

Prior to focusing on executive coaching, Ken co-founded and led Commendo, a software company providing rich Internet experiences on mobile devices, to a partnership with Intel that culminated in a Best of Show Award at the Consumer Electronics Show. At the height of the Internet boom, he helped Scient, Wall Street's darling in the eBusiness consulting space, grow to a $6B market cap. He led two critical engagements during eBay's rapid growth and is recognized for leading the development of eBay's worldwide network strategy. At AT&T Yahoo!, Ken led several initiatives which strengthened his reputation as a trusted problem-solver and created significant value for the company.

Ken holds an MBA in Marketing & Finance from Cal Poly and a BS in Finance from California State University, Sacramento where he serves on the university's Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.  In addition, Ken is a recent Alumnus of the Year and serves on the board of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy. He is committed to giving back to the community and philanthropically prioritizes education based on his belief that it is the foundation for tomorrow's leaders. He mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and speaks to graduate and undergraduate university students. He also works to improve K-12 education at the administration and classroom levels. 


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