Project Management

Stop doing what others could be doing...

Sometimes, when a business needs a large or specific project done to keep its business operations healthy, employees are leveraged to take care of this project and production stops to handle that need. This is counter-productive to growth and profit. Let CxORE do the heavy lifting on specific projects so you and your team can focus on your business.

We have included examples of the types of projects we can do for you. Need something else? It's simple... ASK US!

What we do for you...

  • Business Planning

  • Formation and Structuring

  • Systems Identification and Implementation

  • Phasing Product or Service Development

  • Fractional Leadership

Life Cycle
  • Strategic Planning

  • Resource Planning and Acquisition

  • Turnarounds and Pivots

  • Business Valuations

  • Exit Strategies

Human Resources
  • Talent Recruitment

  • Compliance & Regulatory Assessments

  • Policies and Handbook Development

  • Compensation Planning

  • Strengths Development

  • Budget Development

  • Financial Report Structuring

  • Financial Review  

  • Process Development

  • Forecasting


  • Cloud Software Selection & Implementation

  • Moving to the Cloud

  • Setting up Single Sign On

  • Processes & Procedures

  • Evaluating and Sourcing Insurance

  • Process Automation

  • Services Selection & Implementation


Let’s do something that will move the needle for you or your organization.

I'm here to execute the projects you need done

Let's make it happen...


CxORE develops each project to meet your specific needs Many are similar but still need a degree of customization and will be quoted. We want to give you exactly what you need. Click the Get Started button and tell us about your project. From there, we can contact you to get more information and build you a customized quote.


Once you agree to CxORE’s quote and pay for a portion of the project upfront, we will assign your project a Project Manager who will be your point of contact for the project. CxORE’s Project Manager is supported by our Business Coordinators and our CxORE Leaders. Project Managers can tap them on the shoulder any time they need help executing any portion of your project. You are getting more than a solo Project Manager you are getting a project team!


We set deadlines for projects and clearly outline the deliverables so there is never any confusion. Once the last deliverable is submitted you will be charged for the balance of the project. If your project needs ongoing support talk to us about our On-Going Support Subscription


  • Projects are quoted based upon the scope of work.
  • Quotes within 2 business days.
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