CxORE’s solutions leverage our Business Process Outsourcing to serve organizational needs related to life cycle stages or transformation.

​“When I started my business, CxORE’s people guided every step of my way. Thanks to CxORE, I’m able to focus on what I love to do and what drew me to my work in the first place.”

Mary Sue Ingraham, Leadership Consultant

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Life Cycle Solutions



We help early-stage organizations avoid costly missteps and position for success by providing the structure, systems, processes, and people that are essential for compliance, investment, and growth.


Taking time to reimagine an organization and then implement change drains vital resources. We provide the services, knowledge, and leadership needed to co-create, support, and execute sustainable change.

Transformation Solutions


Shared Services

Multisite organizations face the unique challenge of being able to deliver consistent and effective business services to a dispersed user base resulting in, increased costs, overlapping positions, multiple vendors, and additional management.  Our Shared Services solution solves these challenges through a centralized team-based approach.


There is great benefit to having access to standardized and proven process and services but only if they work for your organization.  We maintain the capability to customize and configure our BPO services to meet specific needs and applications.  This includes incorporating existing processes and providers into a custom solution.
Relieved Clients

​“CxORE is an amazing resource to expand my company’s capacity and expertise to take on new clients or projects. The team is very customer-centric and attuned to what I am looking to accomplish for each project. They listen and deliver solutions that match my vision.”

Tracey Schaal, Executive Serving Community Organizations

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