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CxORE’s technology application services simplify, size and secure industry leading cloud applications to support dispersed workforces, capture greater efficiencies and deliver process automation.  We help organizations avoid frustrating technology issues that cause disruptions, hinder growth and absorb valuable leadership time.

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Functional Services

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with technology.

SaaS Selection & Implementation

Guiding and implementing the selection of applicable software, including process documentation.

SaaS Integration & Automation

Integrating leading SaaS software applications, password management and SSO solutions.
SaaS Provisioning & Management
Provisioning SaaS programs to employees, tracking licenses, providing access and user support.

Managed Services Coordination

Sourcing and coordination of IT support, SaaS providers and helpdesk resources.
Committed Team

​“CxORE figures out how our clients truly benefit from today's SaaS applications, then integrates them into their organizations to enhance productivity and convenience while maintaining security.”

Ken Crittendon, CxO

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Getting Started

Our structured engagement process takes out the guesswork and provides a custom performance-oriented solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs.

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