Recurring Work

Capacity without Headcount...

CxORE does more than simply perform transactions. We help you grow your business by giving you more time to focus on program or revenue generating activities.  Sometimes you must hire a full-time employee, but many times all you need is fractional help in certain areas of your business. And… you can’t afford the time or expense needed to, recruit, on-board, train, equip, house, maintain and manage employees.  The CxORE team solves this problem by giving you flexible resources and on demand capacity. Our US based Business Coordinators have extensive experience in multiple areas of business and love a good challenge. Let us help you focus on what’s important!

Increase your capacity without increasing headcount

What can we do for you?


Single Point of Contact

Platform Coordinator

  • Income & Expense Management

  • Reimbursement Processing

  • AR/AP Preparation & Processing

  • Report Generation & Distribution

  • Account Reconciliations 

  • On-Boarding Off-Boarding

  • Vendor Procurement & Coordination

  • Board Support and Coordination

  • Administrative Support for Operations

  • Software Support & Training

We're here to give you back valuable time
  • Contract & Grant Administration

  • Document Development & Processing

  • Proposal & Presentation Review

  • Schedule & Travel Coordination

  • Organizational Communications

  • Compliance Filings & Reports

  • Record & Data Management

  • Small Office Management

  • Miscellaneous Business Tasks

  • SNEWT (stuff no one else wants to do)

We provide custom solutions to many of our clients.  Ask us about our ability to serve your needs. We love to say yes!


Our customized solutions are designed to respond to your specific needs.  We specialize in aggregating and coordinating the resources, partners and vetted solutions required to support your organization. Giving you the capacity to focus attention on your purpose and growth. 

How we get it done for you...

Sign Up

Support focuses on recurring work that is purchased as percentage of a Business Coordinator’s monthly work time. It requires a monthly subscription for a minimum of three months after which you can  cancel at the end of a billing period.  Simply tell us what you want the CxORE Business Coordinator focused on and how much time you think the role or task will take them on a weekly basis and we can provide a quote.  Not sure about the time it will take, no worries, we can help figure it out.

We Offer Customized Solutions to Support Your Organization

Once you have subscribed, we will assign you a Business Coordinator and get you connected. From there you can determine how you want to communicate and review the tasks you will want to be done as well as, develop your support plan together. Although your Coordinator is your single point of contact, he or she is supported by the CxORE Project Management Team, and the CxORE Leadership Team and can tap them on the shoulder for help executing something. You are getting more than a virtual assistant. You are getting a business team. 

Get Going

You will receive your Business Coordinator's cell number and CxORE email address. You can text, email, or call them directly whenever you need to.