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Our Story

CxORE was born out of the experiences of Founder and CEO Robert (Bob) Gregoire, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive. For nearly two decades, Bob has been a ‘go-to’ expert for advice, strategic direction and technical business expertise across the country. After creating and then selling a nationwide facility management business, Bob began to consult, helping leaders in small businesses, lone eagles, budding entrepreneurs, and leaders in nonprofits succeed at their mission through business education and support. Through this experience, Bob quickly realized that most people in business lacked the support, resources, and tools they need to realize their full potential, grow their business and get things done.

In 2018, Bob assembled an all-star team to help build a company that provides people and organizations the business support they need. The team is comprised of leaders, executives, doers, helpers, and people who want others to succeed. CxORE leverages the talents of our individual Leaders and employees to the benefit of our clients. We know we have the support solution for any problem a person in business might be facing. CxORE launched in April 2019 with the purpose of supplying the support clients need so they can maximize their impact and focus on the bottom-line.

What They Are Saying

I believe that clients will greatly value the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the support they need to cultivate and maintain an impactful professional practice.

Kathleen Socolofsky, Assistant Vice Chancellor, UC Davis

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