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Powering BIG Ideas

Solving BIG Issues 

One Provider. New Possibilities.

Organizations operate in an environment of increasing demands, decreasing resources, ever-growing change, and uncertainty. Time spent on anything other than their core competencies often results in missed opportunities and proves costly in the long run.


Whether powering big ideas or resolving big issues, CxORE is the critical resource you can count on for your organization’s business and operational needs.  Our integrated services focus on Standing Up, Scaling, Stabilizing, and Supporting organizations and programs, allowing you to focus on your core competencies, growth, and purpose.

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Stand Up

A new LLC had a logo and a tax ID number. CxORE took it from there and built out the company which included regulatory requirements, processes, technology, and customer experience. The company became fully operational in less than six months and continues to  leverage 

CxORE’s talent and ongoing support.

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An established organization needed to Stand Up and Scale a four-month program to reach hundreds of potential recipients. CxORE designed, developed, and launched the program in less than thirty days. Over 550 recipients participated and benefited from the program during the remaining three months.

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Turnover quickly destabilizes and demoralizes organizations. CxORE has worked with multiple organizations, often in an interim leadership role, that took advantage of change to re-evaluate structure, staff, and processes, with an emphasis on stability and future leadership.

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CxORE provides integrated Support to its clients. Our unique success model is leveraged to deliver Support through a shared-services approach in six functional areas. Clients benefit by accessing talent and capabilities that are typically out of reach and potentially cost prohibitive.  

Four S's
Success Model 
Success Model
SM Graphic.png

CxORE’s unique success model integrates Leadership, Management, Staff, Processing, and Technology creating the foundation for transformational client experiences.  U.S. based teams, composed of Business Specialists, Business Managers, and experienced Leaders, deliver fully integrated services that leverage our expertise and expand your capacity when CxORE becomes a vital extension of your organization.

Value Proposition
Value Proposition

We accelerate life cycle maturity for funded early-stage organizations. CxORE rapidly delivers capabilities and capacity typically found in later-stage organizations.

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Value Prop Graphic.png

Mature organizations benefit from increased capacity and capabilities. CxORE immediately extends in place talent with a focus on decreasing risk, costs and execution time.

What They Are Saying
Kathleen Socolofsky

I believe that social sector organizations will greatly value the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the support they need to cultivate and maintain an impactful mission. 

Kathleen Socolofsky, Assistant Vice Chancellor, UC Davis

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Latest Blog Posts
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