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Strategic and Operational Leadership Propelling

Social Purpose Organizations

Why Strategic and Operational Leadership?

While some of what we do is consultative, we are practitioners that plan and do. Every engagement requires the development of strategies that must be operationalized in order to achieve results and save valuable time and resources. 

Why Organizations with a Social Purpose?

Purpose drives us! We want to work with organizations that are making a difference by positively impacting society and the world we live in.

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work”.  Peter Drucker 

A Distinctive Approach Sets Us Apart
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Years ago, we realized that each engagement typically requires greater leadership breadth and depth of involvement than initially perceived or anticipated by the client.

While in some cases, a specialist may be needed, we found that a seasoned generalist will often bring greater value and can cover multiple executive-level strategic and operational leadership demands.

This led to our distinctive CxO approach.  We engage leaders that have the breadth to wear multiple C-level hats while having depth and expertise in specific areas. 

Our Team is comprised of proven leaders who have been CEOs or held full-charge positions in business units of larger organizations.

Deployed CxOs Are Supported by a Team

Every leader experiences "lonely at the top" syndrome and from time-to-time wishes for additional insight, help, and resources. 


We recognize that our deployed CxOs and those they serve are no different.  Through our Leadership Team and Business Services Group, we provide them with the support, sounding boards, and complementary expertise to deliver outstanding results.    

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Integrated Services
Complementary Partnerships Through Integrated Services 

Our Integrated Services philosophy provides a foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. Our Leadership breadth and depth, coupled with associated business services, allow us to take responsibility for a variety of functions, giving clients the capacity to focus on growth and impact. 


Strategic Leadership focuses on developing the strategies and leadership necessary to support an organization’s purpose and growth.


Operational Leadership focuses on operationalizing strategies while taking responsibility for daily leadership in a variety of areas.

Business Services Group provides the leadership, tactical, and operational support needed to process an array of business functions and transactions.


Flexible Delivery Addressing Varying Needs and Budget

One size never fits all. Our services are designed to be delivered on a fractional or interim basis. 


Fractional Delivery is designed for organizations that need specific expertise, a variety of expertise or integrated business services but don’t want or need full-time resources. Engagement is based on a percentage of time and is designed for longer-term relationships. 


Interim Delivery is designed for organizations faced with leadership voids due to turnover or growth in a specific role. Engagement is based on a percentage of time and designed for a period of six to eighteen months.

Experience Solves a Broad Range of Issues 
Experience Snapshot

Roles: Strategic Leadership,

Operational Leadership

Sector: Member-Based Association

Situation: CFO vacancy, high turnover, real estate consolidation, system failures

Solution: Interim CFO, Interim CxO, Leadership Coaching

Term: Twelve months

Experienced leaders provide expanded capacity and capabilities without a huge learning curve. This leads to more time on the issues and less time educating.  
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