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 CxORE provides On Demand Business Support tailored to your needs. We give you more time to focus on activities vital to purpose and growth. 


As a consultant, I want to focus on what I do best and to stay in the lane of my own expertise. CxORE gives me the opportunity to spend my time delivering services to my clients and focusing on continued growth in my professional skills.

Mary Sue Ingraham, Strengths Ignition LLC

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We Do...
Leverage us to get more hours in your day! 

Do you have recurring work to be done but no one to do it? Are you short on staff but can’t afford to hire anyone? Are you struggling to keep up? Are you performing work that needs to be done but is not generating revenue or supporting your purpose?


If you answered yes to any of these challenges; let CxORE be your answer. CxORE Business Coordinators are well trained and versed in many functional area of business. Let them become your go to person for recurring work needs. Stop adding unnecessary overhead.

Recurring Work Support

How do you keep your key people, or yourself, focused on the business activities that are directly related to growth and revenue when you need a large or important project done? CxORE.


We take on business projects of all sizes in any of the functional areas of business so you can focus on your business. Our team has Project Managers and Leaders that can be that specialist for you. Increase your capacity without increasing your headcount. Stop doing what others should be doing.


Project Support

Not quite ready to hire C-level positions? Need expertise in multiple areas (CxO)? Need some time from someone who has the experience you don’t or has walked down paths you haven’t? We’re here and ready to help.


CxORE’s Leadership Community is comprised of executive and C-level professionals who have traveled down many of the paths you may be experiencing. This group of individuals encompasses a wide range of expertise and sincerely wants to help you succeed. Stop trying to do it on your own.

Blended C-Level Support
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