Frequently Asked Questions

What is CxORE's purpose? 

To support and simplify our clients' business processes so they can focus on their purpose.

How do you pronounce CxORE?

CxORE is pronounced 'core.' 

Where is the CxORE Team located?

The CxORE Team is virtual and we work is different locations and timezones but that doesn't mean we aren't at work or unreachable.  We have several options to reach your Business Coordinator, Project Manager or Leader so no matter the time zone you can always communicate with us. Unless it is an emergency, responses and work will happen during regular business hours, 8 – 5 PST Monday through Friday.

What holidays does the CxORE Team observe?

We will be offline and enjoying quality time with family and friends on:

New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Can I choose my Business Coordinator, Project Manager, or CxO Leader?

We like to match your needs with the right person. This saves you time. Part of the reason you will use CxORE is to stop doing things like interviewing people to do things or coordinating. Plus, you get so much more than the one person that is your contact at CxORE. Our Business Coordinators are supported by experienced Project Managers and the Leaders at CxORE and vice-versa. We work together to solve the task, complete the project, or provide guidance. Let us handle it for you. We are confident in our folks.  

Will my Business Coordinator be working on the weekends?

Our Business Coordinators work regular business hours, 8 – 5 PST, Monday through Friday. We do not expect them to perform any work on the weekends. You can request tasks after hours or on weekends and they will tackle it on the next business day.

Do you allow the Business Coordinator to work under a branded email?

If it makes you look good, absolutely. If you want your Business Coordinator to have an email with your domain so when they communicate with others, they look like they are part of your in-house team we can work that way. Simply, generate the email you want your Business Coordinator to use and let them know.

How did CxORE determine what applications to recommend?

CxORE selected industry-leading software that’s right-sized for its audience. We chose cloud-based applications that are easy to use, from reputable companies with great support. We use or have used, tested and vetted all of our Partners and Solutions. CxORE has partnered with many of the applications we recommend and, in some cases, we pass through discounts. In other cases, we can make it very convenient to grab an account from a quick and safe link we can send you. 

866-GO-CxORE (462-9673)