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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce CxORE?

You pronounce CxORE, “core”.  As in, CxORE is core to your organization’s success.

What is CxORE’s mission?

CxORE strives to give organizations and their leadership additional capacity to focus on core competencies and mission.   

How long has CxORE been in business?

CxORE was founded in 2014 as a leadership company and was re-imagined in 2018 as a Business Process Services company.

What type of clients does CxORE support?

We support small to mid-size organizations that have a social purpose.

Does CxORE give back?

CxORE offers any Community-Based Organization the opportunity to apply for a Capacity Grant in which CxORE provides its services free of charge for one year.

Can CxORE support government contracts?

Yes, CxORE has experience in this area and is a registered government contractor.

Why should I do business with CxORE?

Small to midsize organizations are constantly challenged with achieving the right mix of talent across their critical business services at the right cost.  Doing business with CxORE mitigates this challenge while injecting knowledge and access to leadership that strengthens your organization.

How will engaging CxORE transform my organization?

Through a team-based approach, CxORE's  integrated Business Process Services (iBPS) integrates the Services, Knowledge, and Leadership needed to take responsibility for your critical business services.  This frees organizations to focus on their core competencies and mission.

How could engaging CxORE change my costs?

Outsourcing critical business services to CxORE adds a degree of predictability to your costs while maintaining flexibility in work performed.  Previously variable costs for third-party service providers, independent contractors, and seasonal or part-time employees convert into one monthly cost. 

Can CxORE reduce my costs?

Yes. CxORE reduces your organization’s total cost of critical business services when taking into consideration: people, training, equipping, housing, managing, leading, lost opportunity, and vendor management.

How does CxORE charge for services?

CxORE works with our clients through a joint discovery process to develop an all-inclusive cost based on the services needed, expertise required, and time allocated per month.  We track time against each functional service and conduct quarterly reviews to ensure alignment.

What if I am unhappy with CxORE’s performance?

Tell us and we will fix it. If you remain unhappy, you can leave at any time with 60 days’ notice.

OK, so CxORE can take responsibility for my critical business services.  How does that affect how much control I have over the work?

You are in control of what you have us do, we are just doing it for you. We are completely transparent, and you are always welcome to check-in by contacting our team or by logging into our process management software. Everything is visible to you.

How did CxORE determine the services it provides?

Through experience and listening to our client’s needs, we discovered that Administration, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Technology are indeed interconnected and configurable into turn-key solutions.

What happens if I need more services or time?

Just let us know. We can adjust at any time.

How does CxORE protect against single points of failure?

All processes we perform are documented in process management software. Our team is cross-trained, so members can back each other up and we assign a dedicated point person. You do not need to worry about anyone going on vacation, calling in sick, or not showing up. We take care of it.

How does CxORE ensure quality and consistency?

All work is performed according to the processes developed by us and approved by you.

Can CxORE use the tools and systems I already have?

We have strong recommendations on best practices and SaaS applications, but we are open to learning what you have and working inside your systems.   

Can CxORE take on my company’s identity while performing services?

Yes. You can issue CxORE an email account and we can perform work from your branded account.

Can CxORE work with and oversee my current vendors/providers?

Yes. We can work with your vendors/providers at your direction.

Can CxORE communicate with clients in the tone that represents my company and culture?

Yes. We make every effort to blend in with your team and honor your organization’s culture.

Can I cancel my agreement with CxORE without penalty?

No. CxORE makes a significant upfront investment and accepts clients that we believe will be with us for several years. If an agreement is terminated early, a client is required to pay a termination fee.

How does CxORE securely access my company’s information, systems, and accounts?

CxORE takes a holistic approach to security.  We use an industry leading Single Sign-On technology to access all client applications and restrict username and password visibility to CxORE managers and executives.

All employees work on dedicated, secured networks and are not permitted to work on public Wi-Fi networks.  All computers have monitored anti-virus and malware software administered by a national third-party service provider and our employees receive weekly cyber security training.

How does CxORE protect my privacy?

CxORE will not provide personal information to any third party unless expressly authorized to do so.

What requirements must CxORE employees meet before being hired?

CxORE employees are hired for specific skill sets that are reflected in their qualifications, education, and experience. All CxORE employees must pass criminal and social media background checks.

Where are CxORE employees located?

CxORE is a U.S. based 100% virtual company and maintains a physical office in Davis, California.

Can I choose my CxORE team members?

There is no need to choose team members because we work as a multi-faceted team composed of Business Specialists, Coordinators, Managers, and Leaders.

When does my CxORE team perform their work?

We work Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM PST and as needed during off hours.

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