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Administration is an organization’s backbone, yet administrative tasks take precious time away from revenue related activities and mission pursuit.  CxORE’s cross-functional teams solve this problem by consolidating experienced people, proven processes, tested technology and countless resources into a unified offering designed to support your organization’s administrative needs.

Functional Services

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with administration.


Facilitating internal and third-party communications, announcements, and other non-social media communications.

Process Improvement

Facilitating workflow creation, process improvements, implementations, and documentation.

Document Administration

Generating, administering and processing, agreements, contracts, and grants. Includes document storage and management.
Risk & Compliance
Coordinating insurance needs, assistance with renewals, certificate management, and annual filings.

Asset Tracking

Identifying and tracking physical assets, who they are assigned to and/or their location.



Providing address of record, mail processing, check processing, and forwarding.
Relieved Clients

"I didn’t go into the nonprofit sector to push paper, I went into it so I could have an impact on my community. CxORE has allowed me to do that. CxORE’s a lifesaver!”

Tracey Schaal,  Executive Supporting Nonprofits

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