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CxORE Helps 564 Businesses Register for Assistance

CxORE's infrastructure support services have played a vital role in helping Sacramento small businesses register and receive critical business training.

Since September, the Sac IEDC has (at the time of this writing), registered 564 businesses in our program, primarily those located in aging commercial corridors in the City of Sacramento. Collectively, the group has worked nearly 3,600 hours to meet our minority-owned, small business owners right where they needed help. From providing translation for those whom English is not their primary language to helping businesses set up emails and create a digital presence so they can attract more business, to educating business owners on how to best weather the financial impacts that COVID-19 brought upon them – this is exactly the work that the Sac IEDC performs day in, day out. And I couldn’t be prouder of our partners or the small business owners fighting to survive. Tracey Schall, Program Executive

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