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Comprehensive Support Services

CxORE’s comprehensive Support Services enable organizations to focus on their core competencies and purpose by taking responsibility for critical business and operational functions. We provide the leadership, staff, and infrastructure needed to support and serve a wide array of interconnected functional areas.  Scroll down to see all functional areas. Contact us if you don't see what you need; we can probably help. 

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with administration


Facilitating internal and third-party communications, announcements, and other non-social media communications

Process Improvement

Facilitating workflow creation, process improvements, implementations, and documentation

Document Administration

Generating, administering, and processing agreements, contracts, and grants. Includes document storage and management



Providing address of record, mail processing, check processing, and forwarding
Risk & Compliance
Coordinating insurance needs, assistance with renewals, certificate management, and annual filings

Asset Tracking

Identifying and tracking physical assets, who they are assigned to and/or their location


Administration is an organization’s backbone, yet administrative tasks take precious time away from revenue-related activities and mission pursuits.  CxORE’s cross-functional teams solve this problem by consolidating experienced people, proven processes, tested technology, and countless resources into a unified offering designed to support your organization’s administrative needs.



Although access to real-time accounting information is critical to establishing and maintaining an organization’s financial health, most organizations struggle with this fundamental business priority.  CXORE’s accounting services integrate best-in-class financial applications with process automation and knowledgeable experts focused on delivering accurate and timely accounting information to support sound financial decisions.

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with Accounting

A/P & A/R

Creating, issuing, tracking, and recording invoices and payments through electronic processing systems

Project/Grant Tracking

Tracking, coding, and reporting of project funds and/or grant transactions


Recording of financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts, payments, and reporting

Expense Management

Tracking and processing organizational spend and employee reimbursements
Performing weekly reviews and reconciliation of financial accounts, transactions, and reporting

CPA Interface

Working with existing accounting professionals to ensure a cohesive team and timely information

Human Resources

Employees are the most critical and precious asset of any organization.  CxORE offers a range of services designed to maintain multi-jurisdictional compliance while proactively serving the needs of your employees and contractors.  An assigned HR manager and a team of support professionals will integrate the services you are receiving from multiple providers into a seamless managed service.

Human Resources
General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with Human Resources

Multi-State Administration

Coordinating state registrations, payroll compliance and reporting, and employee support

Payroll Coordination

Coordinating payroll processing, reporting, troubleshooting, and third-party management

Compliance & Regulatory

Developing, implementing, and managing employee programs, policies, handbooks, and regulatory compliance

Insurance Coordination

Coordinating policy needs and requirements, broker relationships, reporting, and claims management
Employee Lifecycle
Recruiting, onboarding, retaining, offboarding, and support, including  compensation and performance programs
Managing procurement and administration of benefits, policies, reporting, and  employee interaction

Benefits Coordination



Finance is the forward-looking function of an organization that is critical to long-term success. CxORE’s experienced finance team acts as an extension of your organization and delivers insightful financial and business expertise. We rely on current and historical financial performance to model, forecast, and guide organizations in the pursuit of their full potential.

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with Finance


Creating budgets that integrate, track, and report on actual results to budget performance

Analytic & Reporting

Analyzing data to gain valuable financial insights, identify process improvements, and manage risk

Scenario Modeling

Modeling financial outcomes based on multiple variables and risk in support of critical decisions


Analyzing current and historical financial data in support of cash flow, budget, revenue, and expense predictions
Deploying purchasing systems aligned with need, supplier sourcing, and negotiated spend

CPA/Tax Coordination

Interfacing with CPA and tax professionals to provide cohesive and streamlined interactions


CxORE’s technology application services simplify, size, and secure industry-leading cloud applications to support dispersed workforces, capture greater efficiencies, and deliver process automation.  We help organizations avoid frustrating technology issues that cause disruptions, hinder growth, and absorb valuable leadership time.

General Support
Supporting general needs as well as the strategy, planning, and research associated with technology

SaaS Selection & Implementation

Guiding and implementing the selection of applicable software, including process documentation

SaaS Integration & Automation

Integrating leading SaaS software applications, password management, and SSO solutions

Managed Services Coordination

Sourcing and coordination of IT support, SaaS providers, and helpdesk resources
SaaS Provisioning & Management
Provisioning SaaS programs to employees, tracking licenses, providing access and user support
Customer Success
CE Deploy.png

Customer Success

CxORE relieves the pressure of building and running a Customer Experience unit with a turn-key solution spanning from development to staffing for service-based and/or health-oriented applications. We leverage our Success Model to deliver solutions that are simple, eloquent, and cost-effective in a fraction of the time usually incurred.

Co-creating a customer experience application that supports your specific use case


Operationalizing the developed application, allowing you to run it, or having us run it for you


Providing the team that supports both direct and indirect talent needs


Utilizing and configuring off-the-shelf SaaS products to fulfill technology needs
Engaging our process management system to document and provide repeatable functions 
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